Mold Inspection in Long Beach: What You Need To Know

Mold Inspection in Long Beach: What You Need To Know

For many homes, mold may feel like an inevitable risk. But mold is preventable and it’s treatable. At Green Home Solutions, we provide comprehensive, affordable mold inspection and remediation in Long Beach. If mold is present in your home, we can clean it up thoroughly. We’ll help to ensure your home is inhospitable to mold long term, too. 

Wondering what occurs during inspection, and why we recommend it before and after treatment? Here’s what you need to know about the process. 

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Testing 

If you’ve never had a professional mold inspection completed before, it’s only natural to have questions about the process. Let’s review some questions we’re asked most often by homeowners in Long Beach: 

Why is inspection a good idea? Inspection is a crucial stage for long-term mold remediation. This process supplies essential data to both your Green Home Solutions team and to you. We’re able to assess the extent, damage, and scope of mold in your home, tracing any moisture issues related to mold, too. Once inspection has occurred, we’re able to let you know what’s needed to restore your indoors to a mold-free state. 

How do you investigate mold issues? Your Green Home Solutions representative may employ a few different strategies during the inspection process. We review areas of concern with homeowners first, then undertake an exhaustive search for mold and moisture. We’ll use high-sensitivity scanning equipment at this stage. From there, if we require more information, we may bring samples to a third-party lab for independent analysis. 

Do I need inspection after remediation? When it comes to mold issues, being thorough is important to long-term mold control. It’s why we always encourage homeowners to get one last inspection even after remediation is finished. At this point, we can provide you with thorough data on a treatment’s success. We can even furnish you with referrals for an independent inspection service. We always want you to be completely satisfied with the results of remediation. 

Get An Expert Mold Inspection in Long Beach

Whether you’ve seen active mold growth or you’re worried about the possibility, Green Home Solutions can help. We can get you started with expert mold inspection and remediation services in: 

  • Long Beach
  • Gulfport
  • D’Iberville
  • Biloxi
  • Ocean Springs 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Need a mold inspection in Long Beach? Your trusted team at Green Home Solutions can help—call (228) 265-9457 to schedule services today.