Mold Removal Company in Biloxi

Mold Removal Company in Biloxi: How We Assist Realtors

  • Date: 09-2021

Mold is an instant stress point for a lot of homeowners. Because it’s hard to find without expert intervention, it’s also easy to overlook unless the problem is severe. For potential home buyers, mold and related issues can be nerve-racking. That’s where our mold removal company in Biloxi, MS comes in. We work with local realtors to administer independent mold inspections so clients know if there’s mold and how significant the problem is. 

Here’s why home buyers will want a mold inspection before making an offer. 

3 Reasons Home Buyers Want a Mold Inspection First 

For home buyers, having more information about a house can be crucial to making a final decision. That’s especially true where mold is concerned. If your clients are looking to buy, an initial mold inspection is important because mold can: 

  • Affect health. First and foremost, ongoing mold problems can have an effect on air quality and health, especially respiratory health. If your client has children, pets, or vulnerable family members with asthma or allergies, mold may present a stronger risk for them. They’ll want to know beforehand, so they can understand how significant the problem is, weighing potential risks accordingly. 
  • Be costly. The longer that mold is present within an indoor environment, the more damage it can wreak to surfaces and substructures of a house. It’s why we always recommend remediation right away. With significant damage, subsequent renovation, repairs, or construction may be needed. For potential home buyers, our mold removal company in Biloxi can identify the scope of work needed — and help reduce any costs along the way. 
  • Be recurring. For some homes, mold is more likely to be a feature than others. Contrary to popular belief, older houses aren’t the only easy targets for mold. Newer houses can be just as vulnerable. An inspection can identify problems like improper ventilation or seasonal water intrusion, which are likely to contribute to recurring mold problems if left unaddressed. 

Get Started with Our Mold Removal Company in Biloxi 

At Green Home Solutions, we know time is of the essence during the home-buying process. Our mold removal company works with realtors to implement fast, thorough, and expert inspections wherever you need them in: 

  • Biloxi
  • Long Beach
  • Gulfport
  • D’Iberville
  • Ocean Springs
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

In addition to mold inspection, Green Home Solutions also offers affordable mold remediation in Biloxi. Call our mold removal company today to learn more about our services: (228) 265-9457.