Mold Removal in Biloxi: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

There’s a wide range of issues that can pop up in your home. Among all these issues, mold can be one of the most difficult to wrap your head around. One of the biggest uncertainties surrounding mold is exactly what happens to it when it dries out. Below, we’ll walk you through some of the most common misconceptions about dry mold and why mold removal is crucial for keeping Biloxi, MS homes safe, regardless of whether mold is dried out or not.

Is Mold Removal Necessary Once it Dries Out?

Mold thrives in areas with leaks, high humidity, or another source of moisture, so it’s logical to think that mold will die once its source of moisture is addressed, and it dries out. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated. Here’s a closer look at just what happens to mold when it dries out and the risks it still presents:

Dry Mold Isn’t Dead

Instead of dying, mold enters a dormant state once it dries out. This is a problem because if a new source of moisture is introduced, dormant mold can spring back to life and begin developing and spreading throughout your interior spaces all over again. Effectively removing dry mold prevents this rebirth from occurring and helps keep your home safer in the long run.

Dry Mold Can Still be a Health Hazard

When mold dries, it can still carry many of the same health risks presented by active mold. If it flakes off and becomes airborne, dried-out mold can irritate your lungs and cause your allergies to flare up, making its prompt removal an important part of maintaining healthy air quality in your home.

Dry Mold Can Still Spread

Another issue that comes with dry mold is that it can spread throughout your home. Even if you’ve remedied the source of moisture where the mold first popped up, airborne mold can float to other parts of your home that have their own source of moisture. If this happens, mold infestations can pop up all over your home, which is why it’s important to remove mold even after it dries out.

Our Comprehensive Mold Removal in Biloxi

At Green Home Solutions, we’ll help you fight mold while also tracking down its source, with our professional mold removal in Biloxi. This comprehensive approach helps you prevent mold from popping up again in the future. Here are the communities we serve:

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