Poor Indoor Air Quality in Ocean Springs: What Causes It?

Indoor air quality in Ocean Springs.

Several issues can affect your air quality, from pet dander and odors to allergens, mold, and many more. However, these issues may not be immediately apparent, as it can be tough to determine which contaminants are floating around without help from the pros. At Green Home Solutions, we use a full range of testing and treatment services to effectively identify and address indoor air quality issues in Ocean Springs, MS homes.  

The Main Factors Contributing to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Two main factors contribute to the majority of air quality issues in local homes. Let’s dive into these factors, how they pop up, and how they contribute to problems with the air in your indoor spaces:


Pollutants in the air are the biggest cause of indoor air quality issues in Ocean Springs homes. These pollutants can come in several forms, including gases like exhaust and radon, particulates like mold and residues from cleaners, and smoke, a combination of gas and airborne particulates. If these pollutants aren’t effectively addressed, they can lead to allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and a long list of other problems.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is another major cause of indoor air quality issues. The air in your home should regularly circulate with the air outside, whether through window ventilation or with treated air from your HVAC system. Ventilation issues can also lead to trapped humidity, leading to mold development. And when mold starts developing in your indoor spaces, you’ll have a completely separate set of issues to take on.

How We Bring Better Indoor Air Quality to Ocean Springs Residents

When you work with our team at Green Home Solutions, you’ll get a custom-tailored service plan designed to help you tackle your home’s unique air quality issues and prevent them from popping up again in the future. We offer a comprehensive range of testing and treatment services to effectively identify air quality issues, address them, and help you put preventative measures in place to help you stop additional issues from popping up in your home.

We offer proven indoor air quality solutions in Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Biloxi, Long Beach, D’Iberville, and the surrounding communities. Ready to get started? To learn more, get in touch with our team at (228) 265-9457 today!