Crawlspace Encapsulation on the North Shore

Crawlspace Encapsulation on the North Shore of Oahu: How We Assist Realtors 

  • Date: 09-2021

You want your clients to get the best deal for their house. Most realtors know the value of a new coat of paint or other cosmetic fixes—but what about crawlspace encapsulation? Taking this step can help homeowners on the North Shore improve the net value of their home right away. 

At Green Home Solutions in Hawaii, encapsulation is just one of the many affordable expert services we offer when working with realtors. Here’s why your clients will want to seal their crawlspace prior to a sale. 

3 Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation For A Home Seller  

If a potential buyer brings in a home inspector, they’re likely to flag an unsealed crawlspace right away. Crawlspaces are a particularly vulnerable feature of a house, making it especially important to address before a house goes to market. Here’s why your clients will want to consider encapsulation prior to selling: 

Waterproofing. One of the primary purposes of crawlspace encapsulation is to waterproof this area of the home. For homes on the North Shore in particular, this treatment is crucial to protecting the home and the foundation from water intrusion, water buildup, or other moisture events. This can also significantly reduce the risk of mold growth in the crawlspace and pest problems.  

Improved air quality. Warm air rises, which means the particles in your crawlspace can easily travel up to the living areas of the home. It’s called the stack effect. It also means soil gasses, foul odors, mildew, and other contaminants can access the house via the unsealed crawlspace. Encapsulation offers improved overall air quality throughout the home.   

Energy efficiency. One of the most significant effects of encapsulation is often the reduction in energy bills. An unprotected crawlspace is more likely to let both cold air escape during the warm months and hot air during the cooler months. Encapsulation is proven to improve energy efficiency in a home, reducing bills by as much as twenty percent in many cases! 

Schedule Crawlspace Encapsulation on the North Shore Today 

Many homeowners worry that crawlspace encapsulation will be expensive or invasive, but that’s not the case with Green Home Solutions. We prioritize your clients’ comfort and satisfaction while ensuring encapsulation is completed expertly.

We’re proud to provide detailed and thorough assessments, testing, analysis, and treatment services island-wide in locations including:

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