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Is it Time for Honolulu Mold Inspection?

  • Date: 08-2015

From green spots to odd odors, a mold infestation can begin to wreak havoc on your home. Green Home Solutions offers quality mold inspection services that give you the professional advice you need to proceed with treatment. Our natural mold intervention system uses powerful enzymes to eradicate mold, but our inspection phase is what gives you the knowledge you need to keep mold from coming back.

Is it Time for Honolulu Mold Inspection?

Are you experiencing signs of mold? Many homeowners aren’t sure until it’s too late. There are hundreds of thousands of mold strains, many of which pose a serious risk to your family’s health. As soon as you experience one of these warning signs, a Honolulu mold inspection is highly recommended to keep your home safe from damage:

  • New, Persistent Musty Smell
  • Growth of Green, White, or Brown Spots
  • Unusual Fatigue
  • Abnormal Memory Loss
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sinus Congestion

How Our Mold Inspection Services Work

When you request your free inspection, a trained and experienced mold remediation expert will come out to your home to do a thorough review of your mold symptoms. We’ll check every corner of your home, including your air ducts, for risk factors like a high humidity level or visible mold growth. Our Honolulu mold inspection professionals will also offer an optional air quality test and take surface and air samples for additional testing should you choose to work with our team.

If you think it’s time to take back your home from invasive mold, we’re here to help. Call Green Home Solutions today to learn more about our safe mold removal products, or fill out our online form now to schedule your free inspection!