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Comprehensive Treatment Begins with Accurate Mold Testing

  • Date: 08-2015

If you’re experiencing signs of mold like unusual sneezing, fatigue, visible mold outbreaks or musty odors, you’ll need a Honolulu mold testing professional to determine whether it’s really mold invading your home. The experienced mold inspection professionals of Green Home Solutions offer inspections to help you confirm your suspicions, and we take our process a step further to ensure the best results. Determining exactly what kind of mold is present is essential for proper treatment, so we only build treatment plans around objective third-party laboratory results.

Comprehensive Treatment Begins with Accurate Mold Testing

Our mold remediation company helps health-conscious homes across the country get rid of their mold infestations for good using safe mold removal products, and our mold testing phase is what proves it. Testing plays a vital role before and after mold treatment, ensuring that your infestation is eradicated in as little as 48 hours:

  • Inspection: During our free inspection phase, a critical precursor to testing, we gather samples, identify problem areas, and determine why you got mold in the first place.
  • Testing: In as little as one day, we’ll have a thorough laboratory analysis of your mold problem. With that, we’ll develop an effective plan to eliminate it!
  • Treatment: Our ultra-fine mist of powerful natural enzymes penetrates deep into soft surfaces to ensure an in-depth treatment.
  • Post-Testing: No mold remediation would be complete without proof that it worked, and our laboratory samples taken after treatment will show you just that.
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