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Natural Odor Removal Plans for a Fresher Honolulu Home

  • Date: 08-2015

Has a persistent smell been keeping you from truly enjoying your home? Whether your odors are the result of unruly pets, previous residents, fires or floods, Green Home Solutions has the answer. Our high-quality Honolulu odor removal products penetrate deep into porous surfaces, destroying odors at the source with our non-toxic and child-safe natural enzymes.

Natural Odor Removal Plans for a Fresher Honolulu Home

Our fast-acting odor removal system uses some of the most powerful naturally-occurring enzymes to break down and destroy odor-causing bacteria. While traditional odor treatments mask smells or tackle surface odor problems, our unique system delivers our product deep into soft surfaces like drywall and carpet. No matter what your odor, we’ll do what it takes to solve it using only safe, ecological products that result in a healthier home.

The benefits of our unique system include:

  • Fast-Acting Solution: Takes as little as 15 minutes to get back to your routine.
  • Thorough Application: Our ultra-fine mist gets into all your home’s nooks and crannies.
  • No Cleanup: Our product doesn’t leave behind residues.
  • No Odor: Your home won’t smell like our product, it will be left with a pleasant neutral odor.

Our Honolulu Odor Removal Program

How do we destroy those offensive smells for good? Our process is a key pillar of our success as a nation-wide odor and mold-removal leader. Unlike other odor removal companies, we develop case-by-case solutions that target odor at the source. We’ll investigate your odor and create a comprehensive treatment plan that will solve that mystery smell for good, with the added bonus of purifying your home’s air.

Call our Honolulu odor removal experts to learn more about our safe mold removal products and odor treatments. Interested in a free mold inspection? You can make a request to schedule a professional inspection online now. Simply fill out our online form to get started!