Mold Inspection in Kailua: Do I Fix the Leak or the Mold First?

Mold Inspection in Kailua: Do I Fix the Leak or the Mold First?

When we perform our mold inspection services in Kailua, we often run into leaks. Whatever the source of a leak, the result is excess moisture where it’s not supposed to be. Unsurprisingly, this often results in serious mold problems.

If you have an active leak that’s causing mold issues in your home, you’ll need to solve both of these issues as soon as possible. The question is, which problem do you solve first? Does it make sense to neutralize the mold and then stop the leak? Or should you fix the leak before you start a mold removal treatment?

This might seem like a difficult question—especially if you have a minor leak and a nasty mold problem. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, the answer is simple: you stop the leak first.

Fixing Leaks vs. Mold Remediation

Any time you’re dealing with mold, there are two separate problems you need to consider. On the one hand, you have the mold itself, which will need special treatment for removal. On the other hand, you have whatever issue (or issues) allowed mold to grow in the first place. If these issues aren’t solved, new mold can grow in the future.

If you want to put a stop to mold problems in your Kailua home, you’ll need to identify the source through mold inspection and eliminate the root cause. Generally speaking, it’s better to do this before a mold remediation treatment. This is especially true with acute problems like leaks.

By fixing a leak first, you’ll cut off the main cause of mold growth. This way, when you treat the mold, it stays gone. However, if you perform a mold treatment first and wait to fix the leak, you could end up with new mold problems in the meantime.

Our Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Kailua

Green Home Solutions is committed to making mold inspection and mold remediation services easy for families in Kailua. Our inspections offer a straightforward way to diagnose the extent, severity, and root cause of mold problems in your home. Following an inspection, we will develop a customized solution to neutralize the mold and prevent new mold growth.

All of our treatments use EPA-registered products that rely on plant enzymes to neutralize mold. This has made us a popular choice for mold inspections and remediation island-wide, in locations such as Kailua, Honolulu, Ewa Beach, Kaneohe, and North Shore.

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