Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Hawaii

Mold Remediation for North Shore Homes

  • Date: 02-2020

Getting effective mold remediation doesn’t have to be a stressful or complicated process. For homes along the North Shore, Green Home Solutions can offer affordable and fast-acting treatments that also deliver lasting impact. When we treat mold, it’s with long-term and targeted measures that help keep mold away in the future, too. 

Family-Friendly Mold Remediation on the North Shore

If you’ve had the experience of treating mold on your own, only to have it return, then you need professional experts who can get to the heart of the issue. Because individual mold particles are microscopic, it can be difficult to determine how extensive the problem is on your own. Without the right equipment, it’s also easy to help spread mold further, rather than treating it. 

family friendly mold remediation in North Shore

At Green Home Solutions in Hawaii, we can take care of that. We contain any indoor areas affected by mold, treating it with high-powered sprays that break down growth at a molecular level. Our representatives take careful steps to make sure we know exactly how far mold has spread, and how to treat it quickly. Mold remediation from our team takes about 2 days. 

We know that mold can be a health concern for families. Our remediation targets and breaks down individual mold spores, dead mold particles in the air, and any active mold growth that may present a concern. 

Our Island-Wide Mold Treatment and Air Quality Services 

At Green Home Solutions, our representatives live and work on the island. We know how important it is to have impactful and effective mold treatment that improves your indoor air quality without harming our environment. Our team only uses treatment methods that are environmentally conscious, with our own tested sprays and products that have EPA certification. 

We are proud to provide detailed and thorough assessments, testing, analysis, and treatment services island-wide in locations, including the North Shore, Honolulu, Ewa Beach, Kailua, and Kaneohe. We are always willing to complete a thorough inspection after treatment so we can compare it to the preliminary mold inspection and you can feel confident that the mold issue has been remedied.

Get in touch with Green Home Solutions in Hawaii today for your mold remediation services. To schedule a free initial consultation on the North Shore, just call (808) 397-9860!