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Mold Remediation in Kailua

  • Date: 06-2020

Are you dealing with mold? Get professional mold remediation from the experts at Green Home Solutions in Hawaii. We offer powerful indoor air quality treatments to homes and businesses in Kailua, from mold remediation to comprehensive disinfection services that you can always count on. We don’t just treat mold and mold growth, we make sure it stays away for the long-term, with fast and high-impact services.  

It’s never been more important to prioritize your respiratory health. Homes or businesses with mold can have adverse effects on health, which is one of the many reasons that mold can be such an issue. At Green Home Solutions in Hawaii, we quickly put a stop to many of the harmful effects of mold. With eco-friendly treatment sprays, robust isolation equipment to avoid cross contamination, and other expert remediation strategies, we help you to achieve a healthier, mold-free indoors.  

About Our Mold Remediation in Kailua 

When mold appears inside your home or building, it’s a sign that there are other underlying issues with your indoor environment. Mold needs a water source to grow, meaning there’s likely moisture buildup nearby. Our free inspections identify the moisture problems at the source of the mold issue as well as investigate how extensively mold has spread into indoor areas. 

This data forms the basis for any mold remediation we implement. For homes in Kailua, we can use strategies that significantly lower the need for teardown or demolition. It means that we can administer treatment quickly, with less disruption, and more deliberately, offering treatments in just two to five days in most cases while managing repair costs.

We have a comprehensive array of treatment methods and technology, negative air machines that contain and isolate mold growth, as well as our own, hospital-strength treatment sprays. We can rapidly curb mold growth, break down mold in the air and on surfaces, and provide high-powered solutions to mold and mildew. 

Making Your Health Our First Priority 

At Green Home Solutions in Hawaii, we recognize that there is a significant need for health-conscious mold remediation services. That’s what we offer island-wide, in locations including: 

We never use harsh pollutants, products with harmful VOCs, or high-toxicity chemicals. We know these types of treatments can have an adverse effect on the air you breathe. Instead, we use eco-friendly, health-conscious treatment sprays that have been certified by the EPA and designed to improve your air quality. We make it easier to live, breathe, and spend time indoors. 

If you’re worried about mold, call Green Home Solutions in Hawaii today. You can ask about our mold remediation services in Kailua by calling (808) 397-9860