Mold Removal in Honolulu: 4 Common Treatment Mistakes

Professionals for Mold Removal in Honolulu: 4 Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold is a tricky issue for local homeowners, and there are several myths involved in keeping it at bay. At Green Home Solutions in Hawaii, we know mold. We utilize comprehensive mold removal techniques in the Honolulu, HI area to not only help you fight mold, but also to help you prevent it from coming back. Below, we’ll take you through some common mold treatment mistakes to give you a better idea of how not to fight this common and pervasive issue.

4 Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

Let’s take a look at some of the most common pitfalls that pop up in DIY mold control efforts:

1. Ignoring the cause of mold

Fighting mold without addressing the conditions that are causing it just means that it will keep coming back. We service the Honolulu area with effective mold removal services that start with a comprehensive inspection to find where the problem is coming from and address it at the source.

2. Trying to bleach mold away

Reaching for the bleach is one of the most common impulses when you spot mold in your home. However, in addition to being potentially harmful, bleach can’t effectively clean mold on a variety of different surfaces. We use family-friendly products to fight mold the safe way.

3. Assuming mold will always be visible

Only addressing the mold you can see is another common mistake when it comes to mold control. Mold only becomes visible when the colonies of it become dense enough. Another benefit of our inspections is that they work to determine the spread of mold and address areas where it may not be visible.

4. Using ineffective cleaning techniques

Fighting mold without the proper cross-contamination protocol can not only fail to get rid of it, but it can also cause it to spread. We prevent this by using a comprehensive cleaning system that utilizes advanced negative air machines.

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Scheduling expert mold removal with our team at Green Home Solutions in Hawaii means getting convenient, dependable results. From inspection to removal, our team has your needs completely covered.

Green Home Solutions in Hawaii is proud to provide detailed and thorough assessments, testing, analysis, and island-wide mold removal services in locations including Honolulu, Ewa Beach, Kailua, Kane’ohe, and North Shore.

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