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Mold Removal Services in Honolulu: What You Need To Know 

  • Date: 06-2019

If you think you may have a mold problem, your first instinct may be to try treating it on your own. But store-bought products or DIY methods can often strip surface mold while letting hidden growth flourish. For definitive mold control, we always recommend getting professional mold removal services in Honolulu especially if there is a lot of molds and if you are sensitive to it. The EPA guidelines can help direct you otherwise!

At Green Home Solutions, we treat surface mold, hidden growth, and individual mold spores. We can help you achieve long-term mold control with our services. Let’s take a look at why mold occurs and what we can do to help. 

What Causes Mold Growth in Honolulu? 

Mold happens when there’s a buildup of moisture inside of your home. This can occur for all kinds of reasons, including humidity, lack of proper ventilation, or simply a leak. You may not notice the moisture issue or the mold at first. 

Mold often grows undetected for some time, since individual spores are too small for the human eye to see. Just as important, growth often occurs in hidden, dark, or hard-to-reach areas of your home. By the time you notice it, you may already need professional mold removal services. If you think there’s a chance there is mold in your home, we encourage you to get professional testing services for definitive confirmation. 

What Should You Know About Our Mold Removal Services? 

Green Home Solutions provides comprehensive mold removal services to properties in Honolulu as well as North Shore, Kailua, Ewa Beach, and Kaneohe. We serve the entire island of O’ahu! We take a strategic approach that’s tailored for your home and its mold issue, so we can deliver impactful mold control. It means that our services can take as little as two or five days to complete, with results that you can count on. 

green home solutions staff doing mold removal services in Honolulu

We can test your home before and after any remediation services occur. This may allow us to understand how extensive hidden mold growth has become, and where it is in your home but isn’t always required. We use inspections to look for any hidden growth as well as any moisture. That way, we can help to make sure that moisture problems are addressed, so mold doesn’t return later on.

For remediation, we rely on our scientifically tested product, which can powerfully attack mold molecules, spores, and other indoor pollutants. This EPA-registered product is gentle on your interior environment, with no harsh chemicals to compromise the air in your home.  

Book your mold removal services in Honolulu. Just give Green Home Solutions a call today to learn more: (808) 397-9860.