Indoor Air Quality Testing in Cypress: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Cypress.

Issues like mold, smoke, and pet dander can do terrible things to your indoor air quality. At Green Home Solutions, our wide range of services includes indoor air quality testing for Cypress properties. With our expert team, we can diagnose, analyze and remediate your air quality concerns.  

With our highly effective indoor air quality testing, our professionals can swiftly get to the bottom of any ongoing issues. We will detect the cause and severity of your indoor air pollution before providing you with a plan for affordable and eco-friendly remediation. 

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

If you suspect mold growth or some other form of indoor pollution inside your home or business, it is time to take action. Allowing these issues to linger can be terrible for your health in the short and long term. Here are some of the problems that can occur when you allow indoor pollution issues to fester:

  • Short-term effects. When you are exposed to mold, your body can react in a number of ways. Common short-term symptoms include headaches and dizziness. A great way to tell if these issues are related to mold inside your home or office is to pay attention to how you feel once you leave. If your symptoms die down shortly after leaving your property, there’s a good chance they are mold-related. 
  • Long-term complications. If you are exposed to indoor air pollution over an extended period, you are at risk of serious medical issues, including stroke and heart disease. 
  • Air quality as a contributing factor. When your property does not have proper ventilation, bacteria and viruses can accumulate. This creates an environment where it’s very easy for sick people to infect others.  

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Cypress

Fast and effective indoor air quality testing from Green Home Solutions is a great way to diagnose your air quality issues. By getting to the bottom of the problem and identifying the root cause, we can also provide quick and affordable plans for remediation. All of our services are available throughout Cypress, Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas.

To get started with our indoor air quality testing for your home or business in Cypress, call Green Home Solutions today at (713) 419-7506.