professional performing mold removal in Katy

Mold Removal in Katy: Prevent Recurring Mold in Air Ducts

  • Date: 09-2021

If you’ve tried to deal with mold in your air ducts, only to have it return repeatedly, you may think there’s no point. That’s why Green Home Solutions always recommends professional mold removal for your HVAC systems. Without professional equipment, cleaning products, or treatment methods, homeowners in Katy are often faced with recurring mold problems. This, in turn, can cause greater problems for your home and health. 

Here’s what you should know about mold in ventilation systems. 

What To Know About Mold in Air Ducts 

Dealing with mold doesn’t have to be an immediate source of stress. In fact, professional treatment can prevent you from engaging in a never-ending cycle of mold growth and cleanup. Here’s why professional and expert mold remediation is so important for your air ducts: 

  • Mold in air ducts can cause problems more easily. The more mold is able to grow and thrive, the more likely it is to affect your home and your health. That’s especially true of mold in air ducts. Tiny mold spores are distributed more swiftly via air pressure in ventilation systems, allowing them to find new habitats to take root. You’re also more likely to find mold particles in the air you breathe, impacting overall air quality. 
  • Mold isn’t neutralized when it’s dry. Many people believe addressing the source of moisture will take care of mold. That’s just not true. Mold becomes dormant when it’s dry, but it also becomes lighter and more fragile. This allows mold to break off from existing colonies and disperse effectively into adjacent living areas. Once it finds moisture again, it can start growing. For homes in the Katy area, that’s why it’s important to remove any dried-out mold. 
  • Improper cleaning methods can also cause further spread. When mold is in your air ducts, preventing cross-contamination matters. Cleaning and removing mold causes upheaval—which in turn agitates mold spores, allowing mold to move around and spread. Professional mold removal methods from Green Home Solutions involves containment as a crucial priority. It means we can effectively contain mold before and during cleanup.

Get Fast, Expert Mold Removal in Katy 

When it comes to mold in your air ducts, Green Home Solutions can administer mold removal in a matter of days. We use cutting-edge equipment and treatment products to help prevent recurring mold issues for homeowners in: 

  • Katy
  • Sugar Land
  • Houston
  • The Woodlands
  • Cypress 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about our affordable, fast, and high-impact mold removal in Katy. Homeowners can schedule a free consultation with Green Home Solutions at (713) 419-7506.