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Mold Testing in West Covina

  • Date: 08-2015

If you notice a damp or musty smell in your home, it’s likely that you have a mold problem. While a little bit of mold may seem like no big deal, left untreated it negatively affects your air quality and gives off an unpleasant odor. When you suspect a mold problem may be lurking in your home, contact Green Home Solutions for comprehensive West Covina mold testing. At GHS, we are committed to providing clients with a safe, healthy and pleasant smelling living environment, and we’d love to help you, too!

West Covina Mold Testing

Our passion is providing eco-friendly solutions and mold services that make your home healthier. To do so, we offer a free Healthy Home Audit that allows our service technicians to thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home. We perform air quality testing in addition to mold testing, and the entire process should take no more than 20 minutes. Within 36 hours we will report our findings to you and provide you with an estimate of cost for removal based upon the size and severity of your problem.

Green Home Solutions believes that you don’t need to use harmful chemicals to effectively remove mold and odors. Our organic mold removal products contain no synthetic chemicals and work by changing the molecular structure of unpleasant smelling molecules like Nitrogen and Sulfur. Our enzymatic spray is safe for use on every surface of your home, and poses no threat to your family, including children and pets. In fact, our products are so safe and natural that you can return to the treated area just 15 minutes after application.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, don’t give it a chance to get worse! Contact the West Covina mold testing experts at Green Home Solutions today. Call us for more information regarding our products and services or complete our convenient online quote form to request your free estimate right now.