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Harrisburg Mold Testing

  • Date: 08-2015

Not all molds can be simply cleaned away, which is why the Harrisburg mold testing experts of Green Home solutions offer comprehensive mold detection and removal services to our customers. Even the cleanest homes can experience mold outbreaks, which can cause serious damage to your home and health when left untreated. Depending on the type and severity of mold, airborne spores can make you and your family sick, damage your walls, and permeate into your home’s insulation.

If you’re experiencing any of the following risk factors, especially more than one, consider speaking to one of our Harrisburg mold testing experts about mold detection:

  • New, ongoing allergy symptoms in you or a family member
  • Damp, musty odor
  • Visible green, grey, brown, or white spots on walls, tile, or blinds
  • Visible water damage or a history of water damage
  • Un-fixed water leaks
  • A history of flooding
  • Damp rooms in your home, such as a basement
  • Unexplained headaches, dizziness, or memory loss while in your home.

Harrisburg Mold Testing

Our organic mold removal products are EPA-approved for safe and effective mold removal. They offer a state-of-the art solution to even the worst mold problems, leaving behind a healthy and clean-smelling home for years to come.

Call our mold testing specialists today to ensure that you and your family are safe from the presence of harmful mold. Our friendly team is ready to answer your most pressing mold management questions. You can also receive a free home audit by filling out our brief online form.