Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Lancaster

Harrisburg Mold and Odor Removal

  • Date: 08-2015

Is there an odd odor in your Huntington home or business? The mold and odor removal services of Green Home Solutions offer professional, safe, and eco-friendly solutions to potential mold problems, offering the world-class detection and elimination you need for peace of mind. Unlike more toxic traditional methods of mold removal, our advanced systems incorporate an exclusive, EPA registered enzyme blend to eliminate the environmental, physical, and property damage that mold and odor-causing bacteria can cause. This ultra-fine enzyme mist eliminates the need for synthetic chemicals. From crevices and surfaces to airborne spores, these unique organic mold and odor removal products ensure a safe transition into a mold-free home, office, or commercial space.

We offer a range of mold and odor remediation services, including:

  • Standard Mold Remediation: Eliminates mold using our natural, patented products.
  • Basement Mold Removal: Basements provide the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Our treatments ensure long-term mold protection for even the most damp, mold-ridden spaces in your home.
  • Odor Elimination: Specifically targets odor-causing molecules that store-bought odor solutions only mask.
  • Mold-related Odor Elimination: Treats the musty odor left behind by mold in damp environments.
  • Black Mold Services: Treats and eliminates toxic black mold based on a full analysis of your air quality.
  • Cleaning: Cleans mold-related stains through HEPA-vacuum cleaning and natural products for optimal results.

Harrisburg Mold and Odor Removal

Our Harrisburg mold inspection and removal experts are trained and certified in the field, providing you with a top-tier mold removal service that’s proven safe and effective. Whether you have concerns about young children, pets, or employees, we provide the safest-possible mold remediation without sacrificing power. From comprehensive mold testing to full-service treatment (including cleaning), we offer the best mold management available. Our 2-year warranty is a testament to that promise, so you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is safe from recurring mold damage.

Call the mold removal professionals of Green Home Solutions for all of your mold testing and air quality testing needs. Ask our friendly Harrisburg mold and odor removal specialists about our services today and start planning for a healthier, mold-free home.