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How Mold Removal in Lancaster Can Address Health Issues

  • Date: 12-2019

For many homeowners, mold isn’t just a costly nuisance to contend with. It’s also a health concern for those who live, work, and otherwise spend time within your building. At Green Home Solutions in Lancaster, we appreciate the need for fast and affordable mold removal services that get to the root of any mold problem. But we also take into consideration the health concerns that arise from mold. 

For houses, commercial buildings, rental properties, and health facilities in Lancaster, Reading, York, West Chester, Harrisburg, and nearby towns, our mold removal services can help make sure mold goes away and stays away.

Understanding the Need for Mold Removal

family friendly mold removal in Lancaster

Spending large amounts of time in a mold-affected building can take a toll on those who struggle with respiratory conditions, compromised immune systems, or allergies. But mold can also trigger reactions in those who don’t have existing health concerns. Mold is linked to congestion, headaches, fatigue, and other types of issues.  

Some of this may be aggravated by moisture buildup, ventilation problems, and related factors. These factors allow mold to flourish while decreasing the overall air quality indoors. When we administer mold removal services in a building, we look at these factors as well as existing mold growth. 

Our representatives in Lancaster always take an aggressive approach to mold remediation. We also offer recommendations to correct environmental factors such as water intrusion, leaks, and inadequate ventilation. Our goal is to offer proactive improvements for indoor environments and significantly lower the associated health risks of mold. 

Affordable, Health-Conscious Mold Removal in Lancaster

At Green Home Solutions, our representatives have successfully treated mold in buildings throughout the region. We know how important it is to take health concerns into consideration when delivering mold removal services. Here’s how we focus on your health:

  • We work quickly. Speed is vital when it comes to effectively targeting mold. Typical treatments take under 5 days with our expert representatives. 
  • We prioritize impact. We know that lasting mold treatments depend on getting to the root of the issue, which is why our remediation services target mold at its source. 
  • We use green products. Mold treatment sprays from Green Home Solutions are based on plant enzymes and are eco-friendly. They powerfully break down mold without introducing harsh pollutants into the air you breathe.

If you’re in need of mold removal services, get in touch with Green Home Solutions. You can call (717) 502-4337 to schedule an air quality consultation in Lancaster today.