Mold Inspection in West Chester

specialist providing Mold Inspection in West Chester

How can you tell if mold is in your home? For homeowners, one of the many issues with mold is it can be very tough to spot. Individual mold particles are microscopic, too small for the human eye to see. In fact, professional mold inspection is one of the most effective ways to identify the presence and scope of mold issues in West Chester.   

At Green Home Solutions, we always inspect prior to remediation. We know this process can offer invaluable data to the overall treatment process, and our representatives use advanced methods to trace mold and moisture sources. If you’re not sure whether to be worried about mold, here are a few ways to uncover mold and moisture issues in your home. 

Three Signs of Mold and Moisture Issues In Your Home 

Mold can be active in the air and on surfaces. While mold inspection can definitive proof of growth, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for potential warning signs of mold. For homeowners and property managers in West Chester, here are three indicators of mold and/or moisture issues: 

You can smell mold. When mold is growing actively within an environment, it can produce a smell. Not all mold species come with an odor. But if you’re noticing a rotting, earthy, or otherwise strong smell, it’s very likely mold is the reason. If possible, it’s a good idea to track where the smell is strongest, for further inspection. 

You can see moisture. Moisture is typically a precursor to mold. If you’re spotting moisture buildup in your home, it’s very possible mold is close by, too. You’ll want to look for visible water damage or intrusion, as well as any corrosion on pipes or surface erosion. These can be symptoms of moisture buildup, too.  

You can feel the effects. Most types of mold can aggravate existing health conditions or obstruct airways. If you’re finding it more difficult to breathe in certain areas of the home, or if you’re dealing with inexplicable allergy outbreaks, mold may be the culprit. 

Get Rigorous Mold Inspection in West Chester 

Mold inspection from Green Home Solutions is incredibly detailed. We use precise mapping methods to track mold as well as water intrusion, getting to the heart of mold issues everywhere, including in: 

  • West Chester
  • Lancaster
  • Reading
  • Harrisburg
  • York
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you think mold is present in your home, get started with mold inspection services from Green Home Solutions. To schedule a home visit in West Chester, call (855) 724-7336