Mold Inspection in York

specialist providing Mold Inspection in York

Mold is often a sign of water buildup in your home. It may be a longstanding moisture issue, a brand-new leak, or flooding caused by a change in temperature. Whatever the case, effective moisture control is key to long-lasting mold prevention. It’s why Green Home Solutions always begins with a mold inspection for buildings in York. 

An inspection allows us to trace any water sources for mold. We find and date existing water intrusion, so we can identify potential contributors to mold. After inspection has taken place, our team can also recommend measures to take for moisture prevention. We help you get immediate, proactive moisture and mold treatment. 

Why do you need to handle moisture problems first? Let’s review. 

3 Reasons To Start With Moisture Control 

With Green Home Solutions, mold inspection in York can help to achieve a dry indoors. If you’ve got mold and moisture problems occurring simultaneously, here’s why you’ll want to address moisture before mold:

  • Mold will keep returning if moisture isn’t dealt with. Mold only grows when it has enough water to survive. This means it can keep coming back as long as moisture events aren’t dealt with. Even if you clean up active mold growth, or have professionals treat existing mold, it’ll continue to return until moisture issues are taken care of. 
  • Longstanding moisture can cause other problems. When water intrusion is left unaddressed, it can create other concerns in the home. Flooding can be a magnet for all kinds of pests, and that’s true the longer it’s not dealt with. Leaks or other moisture events can also cause damage or staining to surfaces and other features of your house. 
  • Existing water intrusion may trigger additional growth. If there’s enough water intrusion, it can very often seep into nearby rooms. Think of flooding on one floor which drips through the ceiling below. In these instances, moisture events are creating new environments in which mold may appear. 

Take Action With Mold Inspection in York 

It can be tremendously daunting to deal with mold or moisture problems within your home. But you don’t have to handle it by yourself. A mold inspection can help to clarify any steps necessary for mold and moisture control. From there, Green Home Solutions can administer powerful remediation in: 

  • York
  • Harrisburg
  • Lancaster
  • Reading
  • West Chester 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Have any questions about our mold inspection or remediation services in York? For answers, give Green Home Solutions a call at (855) 724-7336.