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Powerful Mold Remediation in Reading 

  • Date: 02-2020

Green Home Solutions offers a fast and high-impact resolution to issues relating to indoor mold, mildew, and fungi. With our mold remediation services, we treat mold growth while addressing the initial source of growth. We make it easy for families throughout the Reading, PA area enjoy a healthy, mold-free indoors. 

When indoor mold first surfaces, it’s often a sign that there are other air quality concerns present within a space. Mold can only thrive in conditions where there’s enough water buildup in the air or on indoor surfaces. Finding and resolving this initial water source is crucial to making sure that any treatment will last.  

With Green Home Solutions, our responsive and proactive methods for remediation help you get to the heart of any mold problem inside your home. We’re proud to rely on scientifically verified, time-tested, and eco-friendly treatments that target mold and other harmful microbes at their molecular structure. 

Choosing Mold Remediation in Reading 

At Green Home Solutions, we always verify the extent of mold spread before proceeding with mold remediation. For homes in and around Reading, we do this by completing a rigorous mold inspection. Our professional inspection services give us the chance to scout for any mold and moisture, and offer a valuable baseline for comparison when treatment is complete. 

family friendly mold remediation in Reading

Once we’ve finished an inspection, your Green Home Solutions representative will walk you through our recommendations for moisture control as well as next steps for treatment. Remediation can be completed in a matter of days for most homes. To make that happen, we develop powerfully aggressive strategies that are honed for your indoors and the mold found inside of it.

Your peace of mind and satisfaction are always important to us. You can get a final inspection from Green Home Solutions to verify the impact of any remediation. We use initial inspection reports as a reference point to show that all mold has been successfully taken care of.  

About Our Eco-Friendly, Planet-Friendly Approach 

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always enjoy the benefits of a planet-friendly approach to treatment. That means we never resort to products with high toxicity or hazardous chemicals. For mold remediation, our treatments are derived from plant-based enzymes that aggressively break down mold molecules and the harmful, allergenic proteins inside of them. 

We offer these treatments to families across the region, including those in: 

If you need mold remediation in Reading, get in touch with Green Home Solutions today. Take advantage of our affordable, rapid-response treatments by calling (717) 502-4337!