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Mold Testing in Reading

  • Date: 08-2015

Mold is a potential health hazard and sign that there is water leakage in your home. While you may already see signs of it on the walls or ceiling, mold testing of those spots can be very beneficial before you get it removed. Green Home Solutions offers an in-depth testing service to help identify key information about the mold growth. Our technicians use this data to confirm the type of mold, places where it may be growing but not visible, and even to provide an estimate of when the growth first started.

Reading Mold Testing

For homeowners in Reading, mold testing involves an on-site assessment and sampling. One of our skilled technicians will visually inspect your home for signs of mold and to examine the existing ventilation. The technician can also take an air quality test to determine the levels of mold spores in the home, and it is compared against a control outside air test. Samples of visible mold are also swabbed or lifted with tape and sent to a third party laboratory to determine the species. When completed, you’ll receive a comprehensive mold inspection report showing an in-depth analysis of the gathered data.

There are many benefits of getting mold testing through GHS, such as:

Find out whether your family has been exposed to a dangerous mold species.

Use the test results for legal or medical purposes.

Receive a free, accurate price estimate for complete mold removal.

Have the option to remove the mold within 2 – 5 days with additional treatment.

Pre-remediation testing also provides a comparison baseline after mold treatment.

Your health is important and mold testing allows GHS to provide so much information about the potential for illness and treating the mold present in your home. We also use safe, eco-friendly organic mold removal products that won’t harm your family or pets. Find out more about our local Reading mold testing and removal services by phone or fill out our online form to request a consultation.