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Odor Removal Services in Reading

  • Date: 08-2015

Does your home have a stubborn odor that you just can’t get rid of? When repeated cleaning and airing out of your property isn’t taking care of the problem, you might need professional odor elimination in Reading. Green Home Solutions technicians can quickly identify the cause of that bad smell and provide targeted treatment using our organic odor removal products. Depending on the cause, our services may also help improve your family’s health by improving air quality in the home too.

Reading Odor Removal

Some odors are difficult to remove because they have been absorbed by the carpeting, wood, and walls of your home where they linger for years. We effectively and permanently remove these noxious scents with local Reading odor removal services. Our technicians apply a plant based enzyme in an ultra-fine mist to the offending surfaces, where it attaches to odor causing molecules and neutralizes them. Our product can also be used on fabrics and porous materials, such as upholstered furniture. One treatment is usually all it takes and your household will be fresh and ready to use within four hours!

With GHS as your company for Reading odor inspection and removal, you’ll also benefit from these features:

Our products are pet-safe and people-safe!

Treat your home for smoke, mold, rodent, and sewage odors.

This product is EPA and InterNACHI-approved.

We provide optional air quality testing services.

Our products can also kill off existing mold and mildew patches.

We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee!

If you are tired of living with an embarrassing odor in the house, take action today. Give GHS a phone call about our Reading odor removal services. You can also save time and contact us right now through our convenient online form to schedule an at-home consultation!