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Sick Building Syndrome

  • Date: 01-2017

Sick Building Syndrome is real, it is personal and in many instances, it can be devastating to a person, family, friends and employers.

SBS is widely misunderstood, often by well-meaning or misinformed people. It is often disbelieved and the victims of this serious affliction are often left without help and may even be ridiculed for their illness.

There was a time that the link between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer was considered pure fiction created by greedy attorneys. Asbestos was considered the miracle fiber that made schools and hospitals safe from fire. It took time and education to get past those education barriers to providing the necessary help for the victims of those environmental issues.

Now is the time and here is the place to start that process of getting help and advice for victims of Sick Building Syndrome.

This is an important mission for us. It is not lost on us that environmental work is not just a job, a healthy home can be life changing for the clients we serve and their loved ones.