Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Lancaster

Stamford Mold Inspection Services

  • Date: 08-2015

If you suspect mold is growing in your home, it’s important to find a reliable mold inspector right away. Often-times, a mold problem goes much further than what is seen on the surface, but with the right tools and experience, you can learn exactly where mold is located throughout your home. At Green Home Solutions, we provide complete mold remediation services starting with a free mold inspection! Our certified and courteous crew will thoroughly inspect and test your entire property and offer you an effective plan without the mess, cost, and hazard of chemical treatments and dreadful demolitions.

Stamford Mold Inspection

Mold can pose a serious health risk to everyone in the home, so if you notice a persistent musty odor or visible signs of mold, schedule a Stamford mold inspection right away. Green Home Solutions will begin solving your mold problem with a free Health Home Audit, complete with a visual inspection, optional air-quality testing, and a written report. If mold is found, we will send off samples for state-of-the-art testing in order to provide us with a full picture so that we can create an effective remediation plan. Most mold and odor removal services can be completed in just two days using powerful, plant based products that attack the source of the problem and help prevent future mold growth.

At Green Home Solutions, offering effective mold removal products is our top-priority all while protecting your loved ones and the environment. Our mold inspection and remediation services come with many benefits including:

  • Free Healthy Home Audit.
  • Industry-leading mold inspection and testing services.
  • Plant based products that offer proven results.
  • Mess-free remediation with no demolition required.
  • EPA and InterNACHI approved practices.
  • 120-day reapplication guarantee.

Finding mold in your home can be a nightmare, but knowing what you are up against is an important first step towards restoring the health of your air. To get started, call Green Home Solutions today or use our fast, online form to request your free Healthy Home Audit now!