Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions Leominster

About Our Mold Remediation in Saugus

  • Date: 05-2020

Green Home Solutions offers fast and high-powered mold remediation throughout Saugus, Leominster, and the neighboring areas. Our treatments aren’t just aggressively targeted to attack mold, but they’re also gentle on surfaces and eco-friendly. We’re able to reliably lower the heavy costs and lengthy timelines that frequently come with treatment, without ever compromising on the effectiveness and impact of our own services. 

Mold isn’t just tiny and tenacious, it needs very little to thrive. That’s why precision is so important when it comes to treatment. With the professional intervention of our mold experts, we can quickly identify the full extent of mold growth present inside affected areas. Just as crucial, we can contain and treat any growth we find while providing active measures for long-term prevention.  

Environmentally-Conscious Mold Remediation for Saugus Families

Family friendly mold remediation in Saugus

At Green Home Solutions, we take enormous pride in our environmentally-conscious treatments and mold sprays. Our suite of products is EPA-certified and family-friendly, designed to attack mold without introducing harsh contaminants into the air you breathe. In fact, our treatments can repair and improve upon overall indoor air quality, breaking down bacteria and other microbes. 

Our powerful treatment sprays are just one of the many ways we effectively address mold. Your Green Home Solutions representative will also inspect for mold, working with detection technology to root out growth and to investigate moisture sources. The data we get from these inspections forms the basis of any remediation we provide, allowing us to build specific strategies highly tailored to your home. 

The result is faster, more comprehensive remediation in just days. The average treatment from Green Home Solutions takes between two to five days, with effects you’ll be able to enjoy for long after. 

Your Local Experts in Air Quality Control 

When dealing with mold, it’s never enough to treat mold on its own. For effective prevention, it’s crucial to determine moisture sources feeding mold growth and take precautions to address these sources. With Green Home Solutions, you’ll get mold remediation that addresses prevention as well, for all properties we treat in the area, including those in: 

Our representatives are local experts in air quality and mold control, and can provide you with plans for moisture management and other prevention. We know how important it is not just to remediate mold, but to keep it from coming back. 

Think you might need mold remediation? To speak to a Green Home Solutions representative about treatment in or near Saugus, call us today at (978) 728-3441.