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Ask Our Mold Remediation Service in Saugus: Where Does Mold Grow?

  • Date: 09-2019

When you find mold in your home, you might wonder how it got there. Mold growth can typically be traced back to a few underlying factors such as moisture, airflow, and interior surfaces. When the conditions are ripe for mold to grow, it will. Our mold remediation service at Green Home Solutions has located and addressed this type of growth within buildings throughout Saugus and the surrounding area. 

You may be surprised at how quickly mold can surface. In fact, it only takes a day or so after a precipitating incident (such as a leak, or simply a buildup of moisture!) for mold growth to arrive. Individual mold spores are tiny and invisible to the unaided human eye. By the time you see any visible growth, it’s already grown into a mold colony.  

3 Places You May Find Mold Growth and Need Mold Remediation Services in Saugus

Many homeowners know to check under sinks, in the basement, or in the bathroom for mold growth. But where else can mold grow? Drawing on the expertise of our mold remediation service, here are a few places we recommend Saugus area homeowners check out: 

a wall that needs our mold remediation service in saugus
  • Underneath any carpeting. Our floors can be ideal places for mold to take root. Surfaces like wooden floorboards can become a food source, and so can carpets, rugs, and other fabrics. Plus, carpets can act as a moisture trap, allowing mold to thrive. 
  • Behind kitchen appliances. The walls and surfaces behind refrigerators often collect mold. Excess organic residue and drywall become feeding sources for mold, and the warmth and moisture generated from a fridge provide breeding grounds. 
  • Inside your walls. When minor leaks sprout from your pipes, it may not be cause for concern if it’s dealt with quickly. But the water generated from these types of leaks can allow mold to penetrate the area behind your walls, which you’ll want dealt with right away. 

How Our Mold Remediation Service in Saugus Can Help

Without the support and experience of experts, it’s hard to find mold in the many places it may be flourishing. Green Home Solutions can help with that. Our mold remediation service delivers comprehensive and rigorous testing and treatments to buildings throughout Saugus as well as Andover, Burlington, Concord, and Wilmington MA. 

Our licensed and highly knowledgeable representatives never stop at treating mold itself. We also take a look at some of the factors which have allowed mold to appear in your home, helping you prevent those, too. 

Learn more about fast-acting mold testing and mold remediation services from Green Home Solutions. Contact our Saugus office at (978) 728-3441 today.