Indoor Air Quality Testing in Andover: Improving Indoor Air When You Have Pets

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Andover.

As much as you love your pets, they can take a heavy toll on the air quality in your indoor spaces. Pet dander, hair, odors, and other contaminants can float around in the air you breathe and lead to respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and a long list of other problems. By working with our team at Green Home Solutions, you can determine how your pets affect your air quality and how to remedy existing issues. With our indoor air quality testing, Andover, MA, residents can boost their air quality and avoid issues that come with high concentrations of airborne contaminants.

Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate air quality risks from your pets. Below, we’ll look at three tips and how they can work with our treatments to help you maintain cleaner, healthier air.

3 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air with Pets 

Let’s take a closer look at some key tips you can implement to maintain cleaner, healthier air when you have pets:

  1. Invest in an Air Purifier – When you have pets running around the house, they can release a lot of allergens into your air. Investing in a high-quality air purifier can drastically reduce the number of allergens and irritants from pets and a long list of other sources. Getting one that allows you to combine a HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter will yield the best results. 
  2. Clean More Often – Another important step to take when you have pets is to clean your home more often. Dander and other particles live in textiles and can contaminate your air can. Vacuuming with a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum can help you get rid of these particles and breathe easier. 
  3. Establish a Grooming Schedule – Grooming does much more than keep your pets looking and smelling great. Regular grooming also reduces the allergens released into your home. In fact, a weekly bath reduces allergens from dogs by up to 84%! To determine a bathing schedule that works for your specific breed of pet, consult your veterinarian. 

When you work with our team at Green Home Solutions, you get more than in-depth testing. We offer a full range of indoor air quality services to help you get your air quality back on track. We will also put preventative measures in place to help you breathe easier in the long run.

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