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Leominster Mold Inspection

  • Date: 08-2015

Leominster is unique because it isn’t set up like a traditional city. Instead, it is comprised of several small villages, depending on the place of origin of its residents. Because of this, Leominster contains a wide variety of old buildings with unique architecture. While it’s true that old buildings can harbor mold, new buildings can be just as susceptible. That’s why scheduling a professional mold inspection at the first sign of mold and mildew is a smart idea.

If things are smelling a little musty, if your allergies are more severe than normal, or if you can see the telltale signs of mold staining, you should give Green Home Solutions a call. With a Leominster mold inspection:

  • We can determine the types, levels, and locations of mold in your home or business.
  • We will use our organic mold removal products to take care of the problem without costly demolition.
  • We can provide you with third-party testing before and after treatment to ensure our findings are accurate.

Whether mold is hiding in your basement, behind the walls in your bathroom, or your attic, we can hunt down the problem and get rid of it for good.

Leominster Mold Inspection

It all starts with a Leominster mold inspection, but that’s not all we do here at Green Home Solutions. In addition to providing you with comprehensive inspection and treatment services, we can also take care of mold odors, pet smells, and more with our odor elimination services.

Low air quality can greatly reduce your quality of life and affect your family’s health. Put a stop to mold in your home by giving our mold inspection team a call. We can schedule a healthy home audit and provide you with an affordable quote!