Mold Inspection in Concord

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Andover

In the course of our mold inspection services in Concord, we often run into leaks. Leaks result in moisture collecting in the places it’s not supposed to, and that can quickly lead to problems like black mold.

These situations pose what might seem like a tricky question: Do you fix the leak first? Or is it better to clean out the mold growth beforehand?

With a severe leak, the answer is simple: you prioritize fixing the leak. But what if the leak is relatively minor? And what if the mold growth appears severe?

In these situations, we still recommend fixing the leak first. Here’s a short explanation why.

Fixing Leaks vs. Treating Mold

Whenever you’re dealing with mold, there are two issues you need to consider. There’s the matter of how to neutralize and/or remove the mold itself—a step that usually requires professional treatments. There’s also the matter of how to prevent new mold growth from emerging. Whatever conditions allowed mold to grow will need to be fixed if you want to prevent new mold problems.

With scenarios such as leaks, it’s vital to address the root cause of mold before you treat the mold itself. If you attempt mold remediation without fixing the leak first, new mold can emerge after the treatment. An active leak could also interfere with mold remediation products, making treatments less effective.

By fixing the leak first and treating the mold second, you can get rid of existing mold and prevent new mold problems from occurring once the treatment is complete.

Our Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Concord

If you’re faced with mold problems in Concord, Green Home Solutions offers an easy and effective way to restore your home’s health.

We’ll start with a professional mold inspection, which will determine the scope, severity, and source of mold problems. Following the mold inspection, we will develop and implement a remediation plan to neutralize active mold within your home. We accomplish this using a special, EPA-registered product that relies on plant enzymes to break down mold.

The result? A healthier home for you and your loved ones.

Green Home Solutions provides mold inspection and remediation services throughout Concord, MA. We also offer our services in neighboring areas, including Leominster, Saugus, Andover, Burlington, Wilmington, and Acton.

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