Poor Indoor Air Quality in Andover: What Causes It?

couple on couch breathing quality indoor air in Andover

Poor indoor air quality can take a heavy toll. It affects your overall health and how comfortable you can be in your home’s indoor spaces. It can also cause damage to your home and often leads to expensive repairs. Fixing air quality issues is essential, but you first need to understand what’s causing these issues and how these factors exist in your indoor spaces. We’ll go through the leading causes of indoor air quality issues in Andover, MA homes below, along with the strategies and treatments we use to address these issues.

The Factors that Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Andover Homes

There are two main factors that contribute to air quality issues in local homes. Let’s take a closer look at these factors and how they lead to the development of indoor air quality issues:


A wide range of pollutants can affect indoor air quality, whether they come in the form of particulates, gas, or a mixture of both. Mold and cleaning products can release particulates into the air, while radon and exhaust are common gas pollutants. On the other hand, smoke is a common pollutant that is a mixture of particulates and gas. Pollutants can come from many sources, so a thorough approach is crucial when addressing them.  

Ventilation Issues

Inadequate airflow is also a common cause of air quality issues in Andover homes. When the air in your home or business isn’t continuously being replaced with outside air, any pollutants or humidity that exists in your home can get trapped. Trapped pollutants can expose you to allergens and respiratory irritants over and over, and trapped moisture can lead to the development of mold infestations. Because of these issues, poor ventilation is a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

How We Improve Indoor Air Quality

At Green Home Solutions, we understand that indoor air quality issues require comprehensive solutions. We use in-depth testing services, mold remediation, purification treatments, and a wide range of other treatments to effectively boost your air quality and help you breathe easier. We’ll also work with you to develop effective ventilation solutions, whether they include exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, or both.

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