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Mold Inspection in Long Island

  • Date: 08-2015

That lingering musty odor…The dark spots in the corners of your bathroom…A determined case of the sniffles that you think might be allergies. These are all potential signs of mold in your home, but you won’t know for certain without a proper Long Island mold inspection. A thorough assessment of your property inside and out is the best way to confirm the presence of mold and whether it could be causing health issues. Green Home Solutions of Long Island can give you the hard facts with a no-obligation mold inspection and assessment.

Long Island Mold Inspection

There are many things to learn from a Residential Mold Audit. Our Green Service expert will start by tracking down potential moisture problems in the home, such as roof leaks. We’ll examine the available ventilation, which is essential for air flow that prevents the build up of moisture. During a walkthrough of your home, our expert can also use an optional air quality test to take mold samples. This allows us to determine the severity of the mold presence. When finished, we provide an in-depth mold inspection report detailing our findings.

Choose Green Home Solutions of Long Island for your mold inspection, and you’ll also benefit from these additional features and services:

Pre-Remediation Mold Testing: Our experts can take swabs of mold spots to send off for identification, so you’ll know exactly what kind of mold is living in your home.

Mold Removal: Have our experts quickly remove mold from your property within 2 days!

Organic Products: We use only organic mold removal products derived from plant enzymes that are safe for your family and pets.

Customer Guarantee: If our products aren’t effective after the first application, then we’ll continue to re-apply the treatment until the mold is gone!

After you have confirmation of mold, allow our team of experts to swiftly remove it using our proprietary blend of natural ingredients. The products used by Green Home Solutions of Long Island are EPA registered and completely safe. Find out how to schedule an at-home mold inspection by calling one of our representatives. Or, fill out our online form to request a complimentary price estimate for mold remediation!