Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Long Island

Mold Removal Services in Long Island

  • Date: 08-2015

The air quality in a big city is hard enough on your lungs without living in a home where mold is hiding in your walls. Improve your health and protect your home from further mold damage with Long Island mold removal services. No matter where this unwanted guest is lurking, the experts at Green Home Solutions of Long Island can track it down and eliminate it!

Long Island Mold Removal

Our remediation process begins with in-depth mold testing to identify the presence of mold in the home, the air quality, and determine the type of mold. Armed with this information, we are able to apply the right combination of organic mold removal products to clean up mold for good. Our treatments are sprayed on suspect surfaces throughout the home in an ultra-fine mist to ensure complete absorption. Made with botanically active enzymes, this product kills mold and helps remove the allergenic proteins by breaking them down.

When you pick Green Home Solutions of Long Island for your mold removal needs, you’ll also benefit from the many features of our products:

We can complete treatment of your home within as little as 48 hours.

The treatment starts working immediately and continues working in the long-term.

These EPA registered organic mold removal products are pet-safe, child-safe, and people-safe.

We don’t need to demo the walls or remove flooring for our products to work.

-Our mold services are eco-friendly, simple, and affordable!

Get a no-obligation Long Island mold inspection!

A mold infestation is an unpleasant sight and potentially serious health hazard. Keep your family safe with home and basement mold removal in Long Island. Our team can quickly identify mold during an on-site assessment, and provide solutions for removal and remediation. Find out more by calling Green Home Solutions of Long Island or filling out our online form right away!