Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services on Long Island: Your Questions Answered

  • Date: 05-2019

If you’re a homeowner, finding mold inside your home might cause stress. But our mold removal services on Long Island can quickly treat any and all growth in your home. At Green Home Solutions, our treatments typically take two to five days to complete, so you’ll have your home back in order within no time. 

If you’ve never used professional services before, you may have questions about what to do next. Let’s take a look at three common questions we get. 

Do You Really Need Professional Mold Removal Services on Long Island? 

When you discover mold, you may want to try treating it on your own. But many DIY treatment methods only scrub away a surface layer of mold, or address the symptoms of mold, without treating it completely. For homeowners on Long Island, it means that any underlying mold can continue to thrive and break down your house’s interiors. 

With professional mold removal services from Green Home Solutions of Long Island, we don’t just treat surface mold and underlying mold. We also use extensive equipment to trap and contain mold while we work, so that tiny spores don’t escape into other parts of your home.  

What Should You Know About Our Mold Removal Services on Long Island? 

Many mold removal services use masking agents or temporary fixes to provide a short-term answer to mold growth. Not only does this mean that they haven’t addressed mold at its source, they also typically rely on high-toxicity chemicals or contaminants that can pollute the interior air of your home. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Long Island

At Green Home Solutions, we use EPA-registered treatments that won’t contaminate the air you and your family breathe. These treatments use scientifically tested enzymes to denature mold, mold spores, fungi, and bacteria at a molecular level. With our services, you can get lasting mold treatments for your home. 

How Should You Prepare For Treatment? 

When you get in touch with us, we’ll always send a licensed representative to have an initial consultation with you. This gives you a chance to discuss next steps and get prepared for treatments, and gives our representative an opportunity to review affected rooms in your home. 

For mold removal services, our representative on Long Island will always discuss your options and let you know how to plan for remediation. If you have any concerns about your treatment, we can address many of those issues at this stage.   

If you have mold, fast and professional mold removal services can help you save on cost, time, and stress. Call Green Home Solutions of Long Island at (516) 206-1600, and we can get started as soon as possible.