Indoor Air Quality Testing in Moneta: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

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You’re likely familiar with pollution and the dangers that come with it, but you may not think about these pollutants being indoors. We spend most of our lives indoors, and most of the pollutants we’ll encounter will be in indoor spaces like your home or workplace. Breathing in these pollutants day after day can lead to a wide range of health issues. Below, we’ll take you through a few health issues that can result from poor indoor air quality and how our testing services help Moneta, VA, residents effectively identify and address air quality issues.

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect your health in several ways. Here’s a closer look at some of the health issues that can come with exposure to poor-quality air:

Short-Term Issues

It doesn’t necessarily take prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality for it to start affecting your health. Even spending a little time in a space with poor air quality can lead to dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and irritation of your eyes, nose, and throat. Poor air quality can also make it tough to concentrate, which can be a particularly troubling side effect in a workspace.

Long-Term Issues

While long-term exposure to poor indoor air quality isn’t necessary for health concerns to appear, it can make short-term issues work and lead to several other problems. Prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory conditions like pneumonia and cardiovascular conditions like heart disease. There are even links between exposure to poor long-term air quality and cancer.

How Poor Air Quality Contributes to Other Factors

Along with directly causing health issues, poor indoor air quality can also make it easier for other issues to manifest. For example, if you have poor air quality caused by poor ventilation in your workplace and someone with an illness comes to work, it can be easier for it to spread.

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Moneta

At Green Home Solutions, we utilize in-depth testing to help you identify issues with your indoor air quality. We’ll also get to the bottom of where these issues are coming from and create a plan to provide long-lasting relief.

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