Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in Lynchburg: 3 Common Questions 

  • Date: 05-2019

What do you do if you discover mold growing in your home? Green Home Solutions can answer that question and many more. For homeowners in Lynchburg, our mold removal services are affordable and effective, quickly containing and treating any mold we find. Here, we look at three frequently asked questions from homeowners and property managers.  

How Should You Prepare For Mold Removal Services? 

When you contact Green Home Solutions in Lynchburg, we’ll start with a preliminary consultation as soon as possible. This in-person conversation gives us a chance to view areas of concern inside your home or building, and to discuss next steps with you. You don’t need to prepare for this consultation, although it can help to clear any obstructions from affected spaces. 

After this preparatory conversation, we’ll set up a mold inspection. This detailed testing will highlight any moisture issues, and help you understand how extensive any mold issues are. Once testing in Lynchburg is complete, we can provide an accurate estimate for mold removal services, and get started immediately.    

Can You Try Treating Mold On Your Own? 

our staff doing mold removal services in Lynchburg

If you have significant mold growth in your home, treating mold on your own can sometimes help the issue spread. Without professional equipment, containing the spread of individual, microscopic mold spores can be difficult on your own. These spores allow mold to latch onto new surfaces in your home. 

Just as important, many household mold treatments only affect visible mold on surfaces, without slowing or stopping growth underneath. These products can also be toxic to handle and introduce new harmful contaminants into the air you breathe. In Lynchburg, our professional mold removal services can help you swiftly get mold issues under control, without compromising the air in your home.  

Why Choose Green Home Solutions in Lynchburg? 

If you live in or near Thaxton, West Lake, Moneta, Bedford, or Lynchburg, Green Home Solutions can treat your home. Our mold removal services are designed to treat mold at its source, for long-term control of moisture and mold problems. With testing, we can help you understand why mold occurred in the first place, and help you prevent it from returning. 

At Green Home Solutions, our treatment methods aren’t just environmentally conscious. They’re also scientifically verified to provide powerful results. Our proprietary treatment spray denatures mold, fungi, mildew, and other harmful microbes. Upon contact, it starts to break down the allergenic proteins within mold spores, purifying and restoring the air you breathe.   

Learn more about our mold removal services for homeowners in Lynchburg. Get in touch with Green Home Solutions by calling (540) 597-9789.