Mold Removal Services in Madison: Common Questions Answered 

  • Date: 05-2019

Navigating mold issues on your own can be a headache, but it shouldn’t have to be. At Green Home Solutions, we don’t just provide mold removal services in Madison. We can also assist you from the initial discovery of mold, so you have the information you need to take action on any issues. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few commonly asked questions we get when delivering services to Madison, Middleton, Stoughton, McFarland, Verona, and Fitchburg. 

Why Choose Professional Mold Removal Services in Madison? 

Many homeowners in Madison want to try treating mold on their own first. There are many household mold removers on the market, but it’s worth remembering that many of these products only treat surface mold. While they may minimize the appearance of mold on your floors or walls, it’s likely that mold is still growing underneath these surfaces. 

our staff doing mold removal in madison

We suggest getting in touch with Green Home Solutions as soon as you notice any growth. We can test to determine if there’s a significant mold issue, and help you prepare for mold removal services in Madison if needed.  

How Should You Prepare For Mold Removal Services? 

Before we initiate mold removal services, we always meet with you in Madison for a consultation. This allows our representatives to discuss your concerns in-person. If there are specific areas of your home or building that you think are affected, this is an ideal time to flag these hot spots. Our representatives may identify additional areas that may be at risk, based on our own extensive expertise. 

In Madison, we always test your property for mold. During the testing process, we can locate any concealed growth, as well as water intrusion, leaks, or other moisture accumulation. This crucial stage gives you the details you need to make informed next steps with confidence. 

How Do You Know That Mold Is Gone? 

In addition to testing before treatment, we strongly recommend a mold inspection after our mold removal services are complete. This allows us to definitively confirm that we’ve treated specific problem areas in your home in Madison. 

If you want additional assurance, we’re always happy to refer you to an independent testing service in Madison. That way, you can verify the results of a treatment for yourself. As a homeowner, mold can be a stressful issue, but your peace of mind is important to us throughout every stage of the process. 

Do you think you need mold removal services? Call Green Home Solutions at (608) 982-7053, and one of our representatives in Madison can schedule a preliminary consultation.