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Choosing Mold Remediation in Framingham

  • Date: 05-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we take a health-conscious approach to mold remediation in Framingham, MA. That means we use aggressive measures to contain, treat, and prevent mold while considering your respiratory health as a primary concern. The products, equipment, and treatment methods we utilize are all designed to prioritize your health and well-being while treating mold quickly and thoroughly. 

Our representatives minimize the need for demolition, unlike most remediation companies. That means less dust and less disruption inside your home. Instead, we work with highly precise treatment methods to find and treat mold present inside your home. 

We never use harsh chemicals or high-toxicity ingredients. The products we use are EPA-certified and proven to work, not only breaking down mold, mold spores, and bacteria, but improving the air quality inside your home, too. 

Precise Mold Remediation for Framingham Families 

Choosing Family Friendly Mold Remediation in Framingham from Green Home Solutions

Dealing with mold growth doesn’t have to be stressful or costly when you have a mold remediation company that uses targeted treatment methods. That’s what Green Home Solutions can offer to families throughout the local community. We administer very detailed mold inspection and testing so that our experts and homeowners alike know what we’re dealing with. 

This allows us to contain the spread of mold right away while helping to minimize moisture and other contributing factors to mold. Our goal is not only to treat mold that’s present on surfaces and within the air, but also to restore healthy indoor environmental conditions for your family’s well-being. 

We understand that many people have respiratory conditions that can be aggravated by mold and related problems. With our swift and tactical methods for treatment, we’re always taking that into account when finding and addressing mold growth. 

Your Local Experts in Mold and Mildew 

As a local company, it’s easier for our experts to advise homeowners and property managers on any issues relating to mold, moisture, or deteriorated indoor air quality. We know how our county’s snowy winters and humid summers can contribute to leaks, moisture buildup, and mold. We also recognize the need to preserve older buildings by targeting mold with as little demolition or construction as possible. 

It means a more tailored approach to mold remediation for our clients throughout the region, including in the following areas: 

At Green Home Solutions, we make it easier and more affordable to get mold remediation in Framingham. Just call (508) 779-5501 today to set up a free consultation.