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Choosing Mold Remediation in Milford

  • Date: 06-2020

If you’re faced with indoor mold, don’t let it get out of hand. At Green Home Solutions in Milford, we can deliver fast and high-precision mold remediation in just two days or more. We never trade speed for efficacy. Instead, our treatments are thorough and powerful, with long-term solutions to moisture, mold, and any related issues. 

Mold doesn’t sprout up out of nowhere. It can typically be linked to a moisture event or water intrusion, like a leak or inadequate ventilation. Your Green Home Solutions representative can identify what’s causing mold to surface, while offering proactive next steps to address moisture. That way, once we’ve finished treatment, you don’t have to worry about mold coming back. 

You can always expect a diligent approach with Green Home Solutions. That’s true of mold treatment as well as any indoor air quality services we offer. 

About Our Mold Remediation for Milford Properties

Green Home Solutions offers mold remediation that’s always carefully calibrated for the indoor environment we’re treating. We do this by first implementing a mold inspection or mold testing, discovering where mold can be found and what moisture sources it’s feeding on. We conduct inspections using our own detection equipment, and may even take samples for independent lab testing in Milford if needed. 

Once we know exactly how far mold has spread and why, we can shape a remediation strategy that’s based on inspection data. This allows your Green Home Solutions representative to deliver rapid-response treatments that get right to the source of mold and mold spores. 

We always work with our own robust remediation spray when it comes to treatment. This EPA-certified spray is tested and proven to break down mold at its molecular structure, denaturing the harmful proteins that live inside mold molecules. By using inspection data, targeted remediation strategies, and our own potent methods for treatment, we can quickly and comprehensively address mold growth. 

Family-Friendly, Eco-Friendly Treatments 

At Green Home Solutions, we appreciate that mold can have many adverse effects on your indoors as well as your health. We always target the proteins in mold that can trigger asthma and other health concerns. Our mold remediation services are always family-friendly and environmentally friendly in:  

We care about the health of your family and the health of your indoor environment. With our treatments, we always make sure those are top priorities for our team. 

Get started with Green Home Solutions with a free indoor air quality consultation. To learn more about scheduling a consultation or mold remediation in Milford, call (508) 779-5501.