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Choosing Mold Removal in Framingham To Address Health Concerns

  • Date: 12-2019

If you’re looking for high-impact mold removal in Framingham, you may be interested in finding the fastest or most affordable treatment available to you. But what about mold remediation that takes health concerns into account as well?

With Green Home Solutions, you can get the benefit of mold removal that isn’t costly or time-consuming. Our comprehensive services also include treatments that prioritize your health and address the health effects of mold.

We treat properties in Framingham and nearby communities such as Randolph, Norwood, Foxboro, Milford, Braintree, and Quincy. From doctors’ offices to industrial facilities and homes, we always offer robust services that take our clients’ health into account every step of the way. 

How Our Mold Removal Services Consider Your Health

At Green Home Solutions, we recognize that considering the health effects of mold can result in higher-quality mold removal for properties in Framingham. But it’s just as important to consider the impact of treatment, too. Here’s how our treatments make your health a priority:

family friendly mold removal in Framingham
  • Maintaining a focus on containment. It’s imperative to isolate any fungi, mold, or mildew to limit its effects on air, surfaces, and overall health. We rely on negative air machines, air scrubbers, and robust isolation tactics to accomplish this important step. 
  • Utilizing eco-friendly products. We don’t work with harsh products, abrasive contaminants, or hazardous chemicals, as they can pollute the air you breathe. In addition, our high-powered treatment sprays are completely eco-friendly. 
  • Limiting the use of demolition. While demolition is a common tactic for accessing mold, it carries its own health risks. We minimize the need for teardown, demolition, and renovation whenever possible. 

Comprehensive Mold Removal With Long-Lasting Results

Mold remediation from Green Home Solutions can often take under a week to successfully complete. However, we don’t trade speed for efficacy. In fact, we rely on exacting standards and a comprehensive, health-conscious approach for mold remediation in Framingham. You can expect the following when you choose to work with us:

  • Rigorous inspections. Our representatives scour indoor areas for mold to see exactly how far the mold has spread. We then create responsive treatment methods that are calibrated to your indoor environment.  
  • Moisture control. Addressing mold effectively means addressing the underlying moisture that enabled its growth. We identify any moisture events and offer plans and proactive next steps to correct moisture problems. 
  • Cleaner air quality. Our treatment sprays break down mold molecules and bacteria lingering in the air. The end result is cleaner, fresher, and healthier indoor air. 

Access the mold removal support you need with Green Home Solutions. For treatment in Framingham or the surrounding areas, call (508) 779-5501 today.