Indoor Air Quality Services in Quincy: How Can You Improve Air Quality?

You’ve heard that poor indoor air quality isn’t good for your family, your health, or your home. So how do you improve it? In Quincy, indoor air quality services can make a big difference. But for day-to-day improvements, you can also take a few measures yourself, too.

Let’s review what helps.

3 Tips For Improving Indoor Air Quality in Quincy

Good indoor air quality means good ventilation, a dry indoor environment, and minimal contaminants. How do you accomplish that? Here is what we recommend:

Implementing source control. Many activities can produce high concentrations of pollutants in a short period of time. Cooking can generate particulate matter, humidity, and gas, while painting can produce harsh fumes throughout a space.

Wherever possible, minimize or eliminate pollutants. Certain types of contaminants, like mold, should be addressed by professional air quality services. Run fans or exhaust vents when cooking or showering. 

Improve ventilation. Good ventilation is crucial to good indoor air quality. It can counteract the effects of some contaminants, causing some pollutants to disperse. Alternatively, it can bring in fresh air to reduce the concentration of poor air quality.

Always make sure your vents and fans are in good working order. Have your HVAC system checked annually. Opening a window can be a simple, cost-effective way to improve ventilation, too — assuming there isn’t smog or heavy traffic outdoors.

Add air cleaning. Air filtration can help reduce particulate matter from the air you breathe, like moisture, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs). While this isn’t the only way you should target air quality, it can have an impact.

Choose your air purifiers strategically for the rooms in your home. The EPA recommends products that can run at higher speeds and for longer periods of time, since this will increase the overall amount of air being cleaned.

Impactful Indoor Air Quality Services For Your Home

With Green Home Solutions, you can always get expert input on improving the air in your home. We offer air quality testing, mold remediation, crawlspace encapsulation, and other air quality services in:

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  • And the surrounding area
Indoor air quality services in Quincy

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