Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in Framingham: 3 Common Questions 

  • Date: 05-2019

Have you spotted mold in your home or office? Green Home Solutions can help you navigate your options and get treatment quickly, with mold removal services that are available in Framingham, Milford, Quincy, Braintree, Randolph, Foxboro, and Norwood.

If you’ve never dealt with mold removal, you probably have questions. Here are a few answers to the questions we get most often. 

Can You Treat Mold On Your Own? 

If you see mold growth, your first instinct might be to grab the closest mold remover and try to deal with it on your own. But effective mold remediation requires identifying and controlling any water intrusion that may have caused mold growth. It’s also important to know how far mold has spread into your home, and if it’s growing beneath surface materials. 

Unfortunately, many household mold removers only address visible or surface mold. This temporary fix means that you’ll likely see mold reappear on your surfaces. If growth already exists below your surfaces, it gives mold a chance to spread further. Our professional mold removal services at Green Home Solutions in Framingham can help you take a more long-term, lasting approach to mold treatment. 

How Can You Count On Our Mold Removal Services in Framingham?   

At Green Home Solutions, our fully licensed representatives in Framingham can always work with you to address any concerns that you have. For mold inspections and mold removal services, we carefully adhere to national and local standards like the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization and the EPA. With our services, you can always be sure that we’re following up-to-date protocols to treat your mold effectively. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Framingham

For any homeowners or property managers, Green Home Solutions can provide additional testing after any treatment occurs. This inspection will indicate the results of your treatment, so you can confirm that all identified growth has been treated. 

Why Green Home Solutions in Framingham? 

Poor indoor air quality affects us all. Unlike many companies that provide mold removal services, Green Home Solutions always relies on environmentally conscious products to effectively treat mold. These products don’t contain any abrasive contaminants or harsh pollutants that could compromise your interior environment, and will help to restore your indoor air quality. 

With our responsive and scientifically tested treatment methods, we can help you address mold at its source. For Framingham area homeowners, you’ll get fast, effective, and competitively priced services with powerful impact.

Plan your mold removal services in Framingham. Call Green Home Solutions at (508) 779-5501, and we can get started at your earliest convenience.