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Effective Remediation Starts with Accurate Mold Testing

  • Date: 08-2015

If you suspect mold is lurking within your home, it’s important to find a Norfolk County mold testing professional as soon as possible. Mold in the home can lead to serious health problems and damage to your property. At Green Home Solutions, we offer comprehensive mold remediation services including mold inspection, testing, and mold/odor removal. What sets us apart from other similar companies is that we use innovative, plant based products that eliminate mold fast and permanently!

To provide you with the best solutions possible, we offer third-party testing before remediation so that you have a clear picture of the problem, then again after remediation so you can rest assured that your mold is completely gone!

Effective Remediation Starts with Accurate Mold Testing

At Green Home Solutions, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly mold and odor removal solutions customers can count on! Pre-remediation mold testing identifies the kinds of mold found on your property while revealing hidden spores. Testing can also help pinpoint unknown water intrusion so that future growth can be prevented. Post-remediation testing ensures that your infestation is eradicated!

Our Norfolk County Mold Testing Process

To begin the mold testing process, we use effective sampling procedures in order to determine the type of mold growing in your home as well as the severity of airborne spores within the area. We use the initial results to develop a baseline for comparison once treatment is complete. Proper assessments are necessary for effective treatment, and all processes are performed under the supervision and approval of the property owner.

In as little ad 48 hours, we can complete the entire mold removal process including:

  • Mold Inspection: We offer a free professional mold inspection. If mold is found or suspected, we then gather samples and move onto the next step: testing.
  • Mold Testing: In as little as one day, we will have detailed laboratory evaluation of your mold problem, giving us necessary information for an effective treatment plan!
  • Mold Treatment: Using safe mold removal products, we ensure in-depth treatment that does not pose harm to children, pets, or the environment.
  • Post-Treatment Testing: You deserve proof of the effectiveness of our mold remediation services, which is why we complete every job with additional testing!

Get to The Bottom of Your Problem Today!

Do you suspect mold growth in your home? Norfolk County mold testing can provide the peace of mind you need! To learn more about the eco-friendly solutions offered by Green Home Solutions, give us a call today or use our convenient online form to request your FREE, no-obligation mold inspection!