Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of SE Worcester

How Our Weston Mold Removal Services Work

  • Date: 08-2015

Has your home started to emit a pungent, musty smell? Have you seen green or black spots appearing on the ceiling and walls? If you’ve noticed these tell-tale signs of mold and mildew, don’t hesitate call the Weston mold testing and removal experts of Green Home Solutions right away! Utilizing our innovative and eco-friendly mold removal products, we’ll eliminate mold at the source to give your family the fresher, purer air it deserves.

How Our Weston Mold Removal Services Work

At Green Home Solutions, we’re committed to providing healthier indoor air for households throughout Weston, and in order to reach the greatest number of families, we’ve made the mold removal process as easy as it could be. When you call our local mold removal professionals, you can expect a simple and straightforward process at every step: We’ll begin by sending a skilled mold technician to your home for a thorough Weston mold inspection. During this in-home appointment, we’ll learn more about your concerns and visually inspect the space. Depending on your specific issues, we’ll take surface and air samples as necessary to send for third-party mold testing. Based on the results of your mold testing, we’ll build a customized remediation strategy and provide a free, no-obligation cost estimate. Once you approve our services, we’ll begin your mold removal right away. When used as directed, our EPA registered and safe mold removal products require no demolition and start working within minutes! Unlike many harsh chemicals, our treatment is based on naturally occurring plant enzymes that are gentle enough for direct application on furniture and walls.

Whether you need basement mold removal in Weston or a full house-wide remediation plan, Green Home Solutions offers fast and reliable mold services. No matter how big or small your mold concerns may be, contact us first! Call today for more information, or go ahead and complete our quick online form to get started with your residential mold inspection.