Mold Inspection in Salinas

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Salinas

Many homeowners dread the presence of mold, and for good reason. Mold can be relentless, causing a lot of stress and costing a lot of money. But treating mold effectively is easy with professional intervention. At Green Home Solutions, we offer mold inspection and remediation services for residential buildings throughout Salinas, CA so you can be proactive when dealing with mold.  

Mold often gets out of hand when it’s cleaned up incorrectly, or when underlying sources aren’t adequately addressed. Inspection helps to prevent that. This step is crucial even before remediation occurs. It offers valuable data on how far mold has spread, what damage it’s caused, and what’s needed to prevent it. If you’re faced with mold, you’ll always want to get comprehensive testing done by experts you trust. 

What to Look For: Signs of Indoor Mold Growth

For the unaided eye, mold can be notoriously difficult to spot. It’s why mold inspection is always so important for homes. But you can also be watchful for signs of moisture on your own, which may lead you to discover potential mold issues. Here’s what to look for: 

  • Water or humidity buildup. You’ll want to regularly keep an eye out for damp areas or humidity buildup in your home. Certain areas, such as the bathroom, may trap significant moisture in the air if there isn’t enough ventilation. When this occurs, mold can start to surface soon afterwards. 
  • Visible warping of surfaces. When water builds up underneath walls, floors, or ceilings, you’ll spot signs of surface warping. Look out for peeling or bubbling of paint, cracks, wood warping, or other obvious indicators of deterioration. If water’s accumulating under a surface, mold is likely to follow. 
  • Water pipes rusting. Metal pipes can help you clue into the presence of mold or moisture. Watch for rusting on pipes or other metal surfaces. These issues are often the first warning sign that moisture and mold are in a room. Keep a close eye on pipes which are hidden in cabinets, basements, or other areas of the home. 

Schedule Your Expert Mold Inspection in Salinas 

If you find evidence of mold or moisture, it’s a good idea to schedule mold inspection right away. At Green Home Solutions, we offer inspection to those in:

  • Salinas
  • Carmel
  • Pacific Grove
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Take action against mold with a detailed mold inspection in Salinas. To schedule one from Green Home Solutions, call (831) 275-7585 today.