Mold Inspection in Santa Cruz

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Santa Cruz

When mold shows up in your home, it’s often a sign of underlying moisture concerns. In many cases, it’s a leak or other water intrusion. At Green Home Solutions, we provide highly rigorous mold inspection in addition to mold treatments in Santa Cruz. We can find leaks or other previously undiscovered water intrusion, and help you take steps to address both mold and moisture. 

If you’re wondering which to deal with first—mold issues or leaks—don’t worry. Green Home Solutions will always advise you throughout the treatment process, so you know what’s needed for long-term mold prevention. Let’s take a look. 

How Mold Inspection in Santa Cruz Can Help 

Mold problems can be overwhelming when you don’t have expert input. If you’ve ever tried to approach mold cleanup, only to find mold resurfacing repeatedly, you know how frustrating it can be. Mold inspection from Green Home Solutions ensures you’re never uncertain about the scope of mold issues or steps needed for treatment. 

For homeowners in Santa Cruz, here’s three crucial steps for long-term moisture and mold control: 

  • Address any existing water buildup. Finding and treating any water buildup related to mold should always occur before remediation. With inspection, Green Home Solutions can trace moisture events and supply you with recommendations for overall moisture control. 
  • Contain any mold issues. Once moisture has been dealt with, it’s also important to implement containment measures for existing mold. At this stage, mold can dry out, presenting a greater risk for spread. Using inspection data, we employ air pressure manipulation and other techniques to isolate any areas of mold. 
  • Remediate mold growth in your home. Mold inspection results also help us to formulate detailed protocols for mold removal. This data allows us to clean up mold swiftly, targeting airborne mold spores, as well as mold on or below surfaces. Thorough mold removal is always necessary, even once moisture is dealt with.  

Your Mold Experts at Green Home Solutions 

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always have an expert team handling any mold problems in your home. From our first consultation to final mold inspection, we assist with every part of remediation. We provide fast, high-impact, and reliable treatments in: 

  • Santa Cruz
  • Carmel
  • Pacific Grove
  • Monterey
  • Salinas
  • And throughout the surrounding area

For homeowners in Santa Cruz, we can treat help address mold and moisture in days. To learn more about mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, call (831) 275-7585