Mold Inspection in Monterey: Your Mold Questions Answered

When it comes to mold issues, the uncertainty can be very stressful. The mold you can see or smell only accounts for a portion of the mold that exists in your home. To get to the bottom of things and get started on a solution, Green Home Solutions can provide an expert mold inspection for your Monterey property. We utilize infrared technology to find unseen sources of mold, figure out the root cause and set you up with a clear solution. 

As part of our commitment to helping local property owners overcome their mold issues, we’d also like to provide some valuable information about indoor mold growth. Here are our answers to the four most commonly asked questions. 

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

What is mold? It is a microscopic fungus that results from decomposition. If you notice the signs of mold growth in your home, this is likely an indication that there is a much larger issue. While some mold can be seen and smelled, there will always be hidden areas that require professional inspection to detect

Why does mold grow indoors? With the right amount of oxygen and moisture, mold can thrive inside your home or business. This is why it’s critical to swiftly deal with any plumbing leaks, humidity issues or other moisture intrusions. 

Should I be worried about mold? Mold can create poor air quality throughout your property, and it can even damage the structural integrity of the building. It is always a good idea to seek professional assistance as quickly as possible. 

How can I tell if mold is present? Mold can be seen as discoloration on your walls, and you’ll also notice a foul, musty smell. To truly understand how much mold has grown inside your home or business, you’ll need to have a professional inspection.

Quick and Affordable Mold Inspections in Monterey

If you suspect mold is growing inside your property, your first step is to call us to schedule an inspection. Our professionals will find sources of mold you cannot see with the naked eye. We will use infrared technology to find the source of your mold problems, determine their scope and set you up with a clear plan for quick and affordable remediation. All of our services are effective, safe and conducted using EPA-approved products. 

Professional for Quick and Affordable Mold Inspections in Monterey

We provide services throughout:

  • Monterey
  • Carmel
  • Salinas
  • Pacific Grove
  • Seaside
  • And the surrounding areas

To get started with a mold inspection of your Monterey property, call Green Home Solutions today at (831) 275-7585