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Mold Remediation in Santa Cruz

  • Date: 07-2020

Need mold remediation in Santa Cruz? At Green Home Solutions, we investigate and treat issues of mold, fungi, and mildew while also aiding in long-term prevention. With our comprehensive remediation, disinfection, and indoor air quality services, we can improve your home or office with lasting impact. 

Our experts utilize powerful technology, lab-backed treatment products, and our own extensive knowledge to treat mold. Relying on methods that follow the EPA, ANSI/IICRC, AORN, and OSHA, we can remediate most types of buildings in the area, including houses, apartment buildings, industrial facilities, and even hospitals. We take a unique approach to each building, implementing remediation strategies that we know will get to the heart of the issue. 

We’re always conscious that mold and related issues can have an effect on your health as well as the condition of your building. Our representatives work swiftly and thoroughly, minimizing any lasting repercussions that mold might have. Together, we can make sure mold stays away from your indoor areas. 

A Rigorous Approach To Mold Remediation in Santa Cruz 

Before we recommend any level of mold remediation in Santa Cruz, Green Home Solutions will implement a rigorous mold inspection to determine the scope of the problem. Our team uses powerful methods to determine how far mold growth has spread as well as the scale of treatment needed to address the problem. We can also take this time to help homeowners and property managers alike  manage moisture and other underlying factors. 

Your Green Home Solutions representative will rely on inspection data to craft a remediation plan. We don’t treat surface mold on its own, but also spray hidden pockets of mold growth as well as mold in the air. Even dead mold can contaminate air quality and impact health, which is why our sprays are designed to break down dead mold molecules as well. With careful inspections and diligent treatment, we can take care of mold in no time. 

Green Home Solutions Provides Indoor Air Quality Services Across The County 

Whether you need mold remediation, disinfection, or any other type of indoor air quality services, Green Home Solutions offers precise treatments throughout the county, including:  

Our local representatives work closely with property managers and homeowners, making sure we’re addressing all issues and restoring a healthy indoor environment. We make it easier for you to stay indoors and stay healthy, too. 

Green Home Solutions has affordable solutions to all your indoor air quality issues. If you need to schedule mold remediation in Santa Cruz, just call (831) 275-7585