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  • Date: 12-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we can find, treat, and prevent mold growth inside your home. Our expert representatives provide affordable mold removal services for residential and commercial buildings throughout Pacific Grove and the surrounding area. We never stop at treating surface growth. Instead, we take swift, strategic steps to address mold, mold sources, and mold in the air. 

Dealing with mold doesn’t have to be costly or frustrating. Treatments from Green Home Solutions only take a few days to complete. With the right methods and professional equipment, our representatives can locate hidden mold growth, isolate affected areas, and take steps to address recurring issues. We employ comprehensive inspections from the very start, so we can use clear data to thoroughly mitigate mold. 

Why You Need Mold Removal in Pacific Grove 

Professional mold removal services can save you from long-term mold issues, and can quickly minimize the adverse effects of growth. For homes and businesses in Pacific Grove, that’s what Green Home Solutions offers. We use rigorous techniques and time-tested technology to deliver lasting abatement: 

  • We limit current spread. Limiting the damage and spread of mold is one of our first priorities. We understand how quickly mold can pollute the air you breathe, as well as its effects on indoor surfaces. We use high-powered equipment and techniques such as air pressure manipulation to lock down affected spaces.  
  • We treat within days. Rapid-response remediation can further limit the impact of mold, which grows quickly and spreads quickly. Our expert representatives employ strategies specially developed for your home and its mold problems. In so doing, we comprehensively treat mold while minimizing the time, teardown, and cost involved.
  • We prevent mold from returning. The last thing you want is to see mold resurface. We prevent this from happening. With early investigation measures, we can determine what moisture sources are causing mold. Your Green Home Solutions representative can assist in long-term prevention and mold control. 

Get Started With Green Home Solutions Today 

When you’re dealing with issues of mildew, mold, or fungi, Green Home Solutions can determine what next steps are right for your space. In addition to mold removal services, we offer indoor air quality consultations for: 

  • Pacific Grove
  • Carmel
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • Salinas
  • And throughout the surrounding area

You can depend on our experts to provide clear information and advice on what to do next. Our team will make sure you get trusted, powerful remediation. 

To get started with our mold removal services or learn more about treatments in Pacific Grove, just call us at (831) 275-7585 today.